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Keeping Industry at the Right Temperature

Reliable, effective heat transfer fluids for critical systems.

Our specially-formulated products protect industrial equipment, swimming pools, recreational vehicles and transportation plumbing systems from freezing temperatures. Our line of heat transfer fluids are used in everything from beverage to solar heating systems. Other products include portable toilet and holding tank additives for odor control and freeze prevention.


Refrigeration System

Running a warehouse or food storage facility has enough headaches without having to worry about finding the best heat transfer fluid for your application. Whether you are cooling, defrosting, dehumidifying or freezing foods for storage; Douglas range of heat transfer fluid products support the businesses who keep our food and beverage facilities running smoothly.

Solar Systems

Douglas’ production facilities are prepared and ready to bring high temperature heat transfer fluid technology to even the largest of solar power installations on time and on-site, no matter where in the world you’re working. These superior fluids keep the power captured by your system running to the power generating system with the least amount of lost efficiency.

Food & Beverage Processing

Douglas HTF fluids for food and beverage processing offers solutions to both your chilling & frosting as well as defrosting and dehumidifying applications. Leveraging both ethylene glycol and inhibited glycol-based fluids a system using Douglas HTF fluids is a great solution for breweries, wineries, dairies, restaurants and other businesses using refrigeration.


HVAC systems are full of expensive components; chillers, pumps, piping all add up to a considerable initial investment. However, the best system still relies on a quality heat transfer fluid to ensure performance, longevity and to reduce maintenance cost. Douglas HTF products provide reliable performance for HVAC systems; day in and day out.