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Guardians of America's Grain

Producing and harvesting a great crop is only half the battle, protecting it from pest damage in transportation and storage ensures a great crop, stays great.

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Proven on the Street...and Under It

Roots and grease left untreated are the leading cause of overflows and damage to your city's sewer systems.

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Freeze Protection for Every Season

Although everyone knows "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"; millions of people risk damaging expensive RVs, boats and pools with inferior or toxic winterizing products.

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Pest Management

Douglas produces versatile, quality pest control products available as protectants, sprays and fogs as well as application and safety equipment designed to protect.

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Sanitary Sewer

Revolutionary root control and grease elimination chemicals that have been used by contractors and municipalities for more than 40 years. Effective root control, guaranteed.

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Thermal Fluids

Uniquely formulated thermal fluids for use in pools, toilets, fountains, marine, RV, beverage cooling & solar heating systems, as well as portable toilet and holding tank additives.

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The Douglas Family of Brands

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