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Douglas Products Offers Effective Solutions.

Whether it’s a home or an agricultural commodity, Douglas Products has the solution.
Learn more below about how Douglas’ Pest Management products protect home and industry from the food we grow, eat and serve to the homes we live in.


With Vikane® Gas Fumigant, pests are

One. And Done.

Vikane is the proven, trusted product in the marketplace and is the #1 brand in whole-structure termite fumigation and is the only product of its kind developed, manufactured, and distributed in the United States. Whole-structure fumigation is the only treatment that ensures 100% elimination of drywood termites in a home or structure.

Vikane® gas fumigant is backed by over 50 years of fumigation expertise, and stands by you with experienced technical and sales support.

Learn how Vikane eliminates 100% of drywood termites in homes – always.


ProFume protects your commodities with


Efficacy testing and commercial success demonstrate ProFume provides excellent control of a wide spectrum of insect pests, including important moth and beetle pests. ProFume® gas fumigant controls all life stages of insects and rodents whether they’re found in post-harvest storage, food handling establishments, shipping containers, storage structures and more, making it a versatile and powerful tool in the war against commodity pests.

PH3 is a Pest Management solution that


PH3 kills all accessible stages of insects and rodents- protecting germination and preserving your commodities original color. Whether applied by hand, automatic dispenser, or probe, PH3 protects your bottom line in raw food commodities, processed commodities or non-food applications. With countless uses and effective, penetrating power, PH3 is the tool that every applicator needs in their arsenal.



BioStim’s eco-friendly microbial formulas are safe for plumbing lines, septic systems, lift station equipment and DO NOT contain free enzymes, corrosives or FOG emulsifiers which can cause pass-through.

6% Malathion dust providing residual protection from insect damage to uninfested grain. Dustacide 6 can be mixed uniformly throughout the commodity during transfer or raked into the top six inches of the commodity forming a surface protection barrier.

A Pyrethrin based, quick knockdown formulation that controls all accessible stages of listed pests on contact. It can be used as a protectant spray or fog. A ready-to-use insecticide, it’s designed for use in many applications.

Designed for use in the control of exposed stages of listed stored product insects infesting facilities that contain non-perishable, packaged, bagged, raw or processed food commodities.